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From logos and business cards to full branding packages, we will create you a style that stands out!

Branding & Graphic Design

Design Your Brand With Us.

When you choose us for your next graphic design project, you are signing up for exceptional service. We value communication with our clients, and you will be kept in the loop from day one.  We will help bring your brand to life with logos, branding packages, advertising materials, and more. All designs will be completed to your specifications, using the latest technologies and design software. From logo design to email marketing templates, we can do it all! You’ll love the way we get your feedback throughout the process to ensure that the end result is perfect.

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Our Work Process

Initial Consultation

We spend time talking with you about your needs. We want to know the goals of your company, who your target market is, your favorite colors and aesthetics– everything we need to present you with a great design!

Design & Mockup

We will create several designs for you to choose from and approve. This way you get input throughout the process. We provide you with screenshots to annotate with your edits, so your collaboration makes a difference!

Revision & Finalization

After you’ve chosen your favorite design, we make as many revisions as needed to get it perfect, and then design other coordinating assets you need, like letterhead or business cards.

Asset Delivery

Once all the designs are complete, we deliver the files to you in whatever formats you require, from vectors to .jpgs, full-color process to halftone. We securely store a copy of your project files in the cloud, so if you need another file format in the future, we can easily prepare it for you!

Additional Services

In addition to our branding services, we also provide added-value services that coordinate with your great new brand.

  • Social Profiles – We can design social profile pages that coordinate with your new logo and/or website, like a Facebook fan page, Twitter page, YouTube channel and more!
  • Print Design – Do you need a print ad, direct mail piece, or other advertising assets? We can do those, too!
  • Web Design – Websites are the prime way to advertise to your customers. Now that you have a new logo, you should get a website or update your existing one with a fresh new design.
  • Email Design – We can create sales and newsletter email templates that are fully compatible with Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Exact Target and other top mailing list platforms.

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We use our experience to craft yours.

When you choose Paladin Marketing Professionals for your next logo or design project, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We provide ongoing support for the designs we create, even after they leave our hands. Need a new file format or a different color? You’ll be able to place a support ticket any time you need our help.


We are dedicated to offering unique and timeless designs for your business. Rest assured that you won’t see your logo or design used anywhere else, by anyone else.

Adaptable Style

We adapt our graphic design skills to match the style and aesthetic of your business or campaign. Need a clean and modern design? We can do it. Want a Retro look reminiscent of the Wild West, the Roaring 20’s, or the “Mad Men” design era? We can do that, too.


Many design firms TELL their clients what their designs should look like. Not so with us. We believe you have an important role to play in the collaborative process, and we will get your input throughout the design cycle to make sure what we present to you is perfect.

Our Assets are Your Assets

We want you to be fully informed about how we created your design. When we deliver the final files to you, we will also deliver a branding sheet with information for your reference, like fonts and colors used and more. This way, even if you don’t use us in the future,  you will have all the information you need to create campaigns that coordinate with your design.

Popular Graphic Design Options

After twelve years, we have made a lot of unique designs. However, many of our clients request the same services. Here’s some of the most popular design services we offer.

Branding for the Web

Do you need a great looking design for the web? We can help with that. We have experience coming up with great designs intended for websites, email marketing, display advertising, banners, and more. Let us help you determine a great logo, color scheme and other assets for your new website, email campaign or social marketing initiative.

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Logo Design

We love designing logos! In 2009, we won an award from DesignFirms.org for one of our logo designs. If you need a new logo for your business, then give us a call. From modern to traditional, we can make a logo that will fit your company like a glove. You can rest assured that your logo will be awesome and unique in every way.

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Print Design & Branding

Do you need a traditional branding package? From business cards to letterhead, we’re ready to help you launch your new brand into the mainstream. What about other print design? Let us assist you with your next traditional marketing initiative. We can create you outstanding fliers, show-stopping banners and signage, or amazing catalogs and brochures.

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We know we do good work, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients had to say:
  • They are a really great company and completely dependable. Communication lines always open on phone and through email. Knew exactly what I wanted. Recommended highly.

    Betty N. -
  • Paladin is a gem. They take pride in their work and values customer satisfaction above all else. I will gladly work with them again.

    Mike S. -
  • It was a pleasure to work with them! Very professional, responsive without any long delays and most importantly cooperative and willing to collaborate on ideas. I will definitely work with them on upcoming projects.

    Shannon F. -
  • Working with them on this assignment has been a wonderful experience. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. I am completely satisfied with the work done on my site and plan to continue to use them for future jobs. Timing, efficient and knowledgeable, they would be an asset to any business!

    Keri S. -
  • They were great!! Had good input and ideas, wanted to get the job done and done right (and quickly). I am going to use them again without hesitation.

    Darryl B. -
  • They are great to work with. They are very responsive and turns around items in a timely manner. They’re also easy to work with and collaborates well on the tweaks and changes that are so often common with graphic design.

    Ken P. -
  • Great Work. Prompt and responsible. They are a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them in the future.

    Jim M. -
  • Great job, great communication- will work with them on every possible future project.

    John A. -
  • This is one of those rare companies who cares about the small details and at the same time gets the big picture.

    Louis P. -
  • They were great to work with! We are very pleased with the end result. I’d highly recommend them to everyone.

    Max M. -
  • The end result is great! Thanks so much!

    Max M. -
  • They were great to work with. Their communication skills are superb and they provide quality results in a timely manner. Will hire again!

    Max M. -